Disclosure Policy

Basic Policy

Our company is committed to timely, appropriate and fair disclosure of information on our business activities, management strategies and financial status to all shareholders and investors. In disclosing information, our company observes the Financial Instruments and Exchange Act and rules on timely disclosure defined by the Tokyo Stock Exchange, and if there is any information that our company identifies as being useful for shareholders and investors, we are committed to its positive and fair disclosure.

Methods of Information Disclosure

In our company, information corresponding to the timely disclosure rules, will be published on the timely Our company discloses information subject to the Timely Disclosure Rules using the Timely Disclosure Network (TDnet) provided by the Tokyo Stock Exchange. The information publicized on the TDnet is posted on our IR website for fair and broad information disclosure.

Future Outlook

Information disclosed by our company may include an outlook on business results, etc., for the current term or for the future if we judge it to be reasonable based on information available at the time of disclosure. Please note that such outlook may include risks and uncertainties and that actual results or consequences may differ significantly.

Quiet Period

In order to prevent leaks of important company information and ensure fairness for investors, our company employs a quiet period from first day of previous month before an announcement of financial results. During the quiet period, we refrain from providing responses to or comments on any inquiries related to our financial results; however, this does not apply if our company judges that an important event which may significantly affect investor decisions has occurred.