For Investors

First, our sincere thanks go to all the shareholders and other investors who have always supported and patronized our company.

Since its establishment in June 2006, ZIGExN has run its life media platform business to provide a wide range of services through more than 30 websites in multiple fields including recruitment, housing, automobiles, and travel, aiming at the maximization of opportunities in life.

Our company was listed on the Mothers (Market of the High-Growth and Emerging Stocks) in November 2013 in order to obtain opportunities for aggressive business growth and execute flexible financial strategies to support our growth. Thank you very much for your loyal patronage.

Our group will continue to provide services that maximize opportunities in life by offering more sources of information in order to meet users’ needs and solve their problems. Moreover, we will achieve continuous development of our corporate values by focusing not only on expanding the variety of our fields but also on accessing the asymmetry of global information so that we can produce unconventional “next core” solution services.

We greatly appreciate our shareholders’ understanding and continuous support for our group.

ZIGExN Co., Ltd.
ZIGExN Co., Ltd. Joe Hirao, President